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Karasu Inoue
The King of Hyrule
The King of Hyrule
Karasu Inoue

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If I held your heart in my hand... would I break it like you did mine? No... Because I love you.... If you're sad and need someone by your side, who's there next to you? Me... because I love you... I sit and wonder at night, alone... everyday if you're all right... if you'll be okay... Because I love you.... But you don't love me... So why DO I care...? Oh right............ Because I love you..... ♥️
Where are you right now?
What are you doing at this moment?
Are you, looking up into this wide blue sky?
I lost touch with you, and now my heart feels so empty
Today, I noticed this pain for the first time.
The fact that you had been supporting me this much each day.
Equals the importance of the smiles you've given me along the way.
The price of having lost you is way too great
And I desper-ate-ly reach out and struggle to grasp it.
It just slips out of my grasp, like the wind.
There's no-thing left to reach my arms out towards you.
My chest is...
...Aching from...

...The loneliness I suffer now.

And my heart seems to break whenever I think of you.
But it is your smi-le that remains in my memories.
It is your smile that motivates me to live.
Let's Travel through time,
And return to that point In which we used to live.
I'm sure that we'll make it through all right this time.
I'll always be
Laughing by your side.
Assuring you

Along the way through life's obstacles.
When I'm alongside you I can see the light ahead.
I know that


Will be fine in the end.
Where are you right now?
What are you doing at this moment?
Are you, Looking up into this wide blue sky?
Will you keep on smiling elegantly,
Just as you always have?
Happiness is the only thing I can wish for you
Creak, creak, tower of purgatory, piercing our world like light.
Sway, sway, tower of spine, will it be me or the sky that falls.
Red, red, tower of blood, shatter at death’s hand.
White, white, tower of bone, it shines white and scatters red.
Weep, weep, tower of love, will you find where you’re from?
Moan, moan, tower of pleasure, corrupt the mind with your filth.
Live, live, tower of death, the end exists before anything begins.

"*-* i love it!!!!
did u write it? ~its so beautiful x3
One love. Gone. Two loves. Gone. Three loves? We'll see. Until I reach the end of my search, until find her, the one for me... I will not rest. I will rip open skies, part seas and gouge land until I find you. But maybe... you were always right there beside me...

"~love it~ thx!!
dont worry
youll find someone bro ^^"
A rose, I want to give you. I want to love you. I want to hold you. Do you love me? I know you don't but still I ask. You're young... And have no face to me. I've never heard your voice... And yet... When you speak, you warm me. Your voice soothes my soul. Your eyes. So beautiful... I just know they are... I want you. I want to hold you. But the distance is too great... I know nothing about you... Who cares if we're "too young". Adulthood is just around the corner. As is my heart... If you'll let me reach you. So to you my princess, I give this rose. The rose from my heart.

"Awwww.... Show her your rose! ^^ You should take action! Tell her your feelings!"

"If you say so..." *Hands you a rose* "For you... Miku-chan..."

"M-me?! O_O *Blush* Umm.... Okay... Wow... ^^ I had no idea... *hugs and kisses you* I felt the same way... *looks away and blushes*"

"*blush* Well... then... I-I guess we're...?"

"Aha! Yupp! >///< *glomps*"

"I love you... Miku-chan"

"I love you too... Kaito-kun"

"Volim te..."

"Volim te viwe"

I love you... and I will always be your Kaito-kun... I swear it on my heart... And to that rose I gave you... That rose will never wither....

Kratos vs Yuan?!

You know Kratos just PWNS all
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Karasu Inoue
Re: </3....................
Post on Mon Nov 02, 2009 8:01 am by Karasu Inoue


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