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 Super Human Cult -Addon for plot-

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PostSubject: Super Human Cult -Addon for plot-   Wed Dec 09, 2009 7:32 pm

Name of Cult: Ginkgo (or any suggestions)

Minor plot background: The Ginkgo cult is ancient and is very organized. This cult through the ages has been apart of a dark religion that praises evil gods and deities. Sacrifices of any sort occur every week within this organization. The monarchs hold the most power in this society, but the Rainha holds the most power of the Monarchs. Each person in the power court holds a major role to the cultists. The Ginkgo cult recently has been showing up attacking and killing spiritual beings. Super humans are hunted by this cult to become members. The cult kidnaps the humans and uses an amnesia orb on their minds, wiping thoughts from the hosts body and replaces it with thoughts and beliefs of the cult. The cultist are put under heavy training to become their best and are trained to hunt and sense out beings of spiritual nature.

Controlled Country: South America


1.) Reina/Queen:
2.) Rei/King:
3.) Véscovo/Bishop:
4.) Magistrato/Magistrate:
5.) Parroco de Legge/ Minister of Law(Execution & Diplomatic):
6.) Parroco del Militario/ Minister of the Army(Head General):
7.) Parroco de Sangre/ Minister of Blood(Controls executions & Heads Sacrifices):
8.) Barone/Baronessa de Erogazione/ Baron/Baroness of Distribution:
9.) Barone/Baronessa de Dinero/ Baron/Baroness of Currency:
10.) Barone/Baronessa de Impresa/ Baron/Baroness of Trade:
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PostSubject: Re: Super Human Cult -Addon for plot-   Wed Dec 09, 2009 7:46 pm

..... Umm.... I don't see how this thread remotely opens a discussion at all... Nor is it related to any official Bleach media. If you want to post an original idea somewhere, try posting in the Fan-Works section. ^^

Closed and trashed...

Kratos vs Yuan?!

You know Kratos just PWNS all
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Super Human Cult -Addon for plot-
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