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 Gen M.O. - Story and Art by Me!

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Karasu Inoue
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The King of Hyrule
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PostSubject: Gen M.O. - Story and Art by Me!   Tue Aug 17, 2010 9:46 pm

My character designs can be found here:
Be sure to check back here often for chapter updates! Chapter one should be up later this month or early next month!

It's a work in progress at the moment. But I'm about to release more plot info here for the first time!


"M" is the level of Malica in a person's soul. "O" is the level of Optima. Malica is what causes people to commit evil acts. Murder, theft, even suicide. You name it. Malica levels are directly related to it. Optima is the level of innocence and purity in a person. This is all determined by the amount of despair the individual is exposed to. The more despair, the more Malica develops, and the less Optima develops... Gen is an M.O. Hunter working for the Northern Organization of Hunters. (NOH) His job is to reap the M from people's lives and give them the hope and will to lead positive lives. However, he has his own ulterior motive... He seeks to create the M.O. An object of perfect balance in M and O. No knows what it looks like or how it's made, but it is said that it can revive the dead... and there's someone Gen wants back in his arms... Gen saves the life of little girl named Elle. She has a frightened look in her eyes, with a strange ethereal aura. To make things even more weird, she now follows Gen around and calls him "daddy". Gen is eventually touched by her level of innocence and takes her in. Though something about her puts him at unease... Together, Gen and Elle face many dangers, along with Gen's old companions Keito and Saiyuki. Top things off with strange occurences involvng the Southern Organization of Hunters and you've got a story filled to the brim with action, romance, comedy, drama, and swords. Need I say more? Gen M.O.!! Story and Art by your very own Kinoue! Coming soon!!

Kratos vs Yuan?!

You know Kratos just PWNS all
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Gen M.O. - Story and Art by Me!
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