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 I'm not that good at "School".....

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Karasu Inoue
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The King of Hyrule
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PostI'm not that good at "School".....

I'm not the most studious person in the world.... I claim to do my best all the time, but I wonder if that's true sometimes... There's many things I want to do, and there's never enough time for ME.... Homework takes away what little time I have to myself... So I put it off......... and then I can never finish it... That's just because I fail. XD............
I really do try my best..... but I'm just never good enough at anything.... I always tell myself that if I try my best, and get a D as a grade, then "Best" is going to have to spelled with a "D" from then on... But I can never live up to that... I can never actually feel that way. When I get anything lower than an A- I feel...... inadequate and jealous... Jealous of my friends... They mostly get A's........ They don't even look like they try either. Most procrastinate MORE then I do... yet they STILL do better.... It's led to my conclusion that... I may not be all that intelligent... that maybe I'm...... stupid... I thought I share this because it's been bugging me a lot lately, and I wanted be sure that you guys wouldn't be mad if I took this all out on you... I'm stressed out... a lot...
'Till next time.......
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I'm not that good at "School"..... :: Comments

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I'm not that good at "School".....

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