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 Fanwork Rules (Please Read Before Posting!)

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PostSubject: Fanwork Rules (Please Read Before Posting!)   Tue Sep 29, 2009 11:16 pm

Welcome to the Fanworks Section! Here you can post all works done by you! This can vary from fanart, to fanfiction, to AMVs, and so forth. The possibilities are endless! But before you start posting all your lovely shizz, please take a look at these rules before doing so.

1. Please only post work made by you, unless a thread is created(possibly by a mod/admin), that allows you to post any general images.

2. DO NOT BASH OTHER'S WORKS. You may give them polite criticism ONLY when they ask for it.

3. Keep in mind people will post fanworks that may represent different pairings. Do NOT bash them or their work, just because you do not like their pairing. Also, same goes for repping. Do NOT negative rep someone just because they are considered a "rival" pairing.

And the most important rule: Have fun! Just try to be nice. :cheers:


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Fanwork Rules (Please Read Before Posting!)
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