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 Official Video Game Section Rules

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PostSubject: Official Video Game Section Rules   Thu Oct 01, 2009 4:18 pm

These are the rules, ladies and gents:

1. No flaming. It's not just a rule in this section, but in the whole forum. If I or Karasu Inoue receive reports of flaming, we'll investigate the report and make our decisions. Flames can and often times WILL result in bans.

2. No porn. This forum is a public website, and we do not want such inappropriate images or videos tainting this website. If any porn is found, bans WILL be given. No "but's" or "if's". The closest thing you'll find to that is if you are banned permanently or if its temporary, and how long you are banned for if it is temporary.

3. Do not post useless threads. If there is a thread here already about the topic you wish to discuss about, then you should post there, and don't even bother making a thread on the same topic. It will be deleted.

These are the rules for now. There may be more rules later on if we feel it necessary.


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Official Video Game Section Rules
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