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 I Will Wait...

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Karasu Inoue
The King of Hyrule
The King of Hyrule
Karasu Inoue

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PostI Will Wait...

Out to the wind... I call your name. You are kind enough to wave. I smile and you smile. But will it ever be the same? Your voice resounds. Deep in my head. They ring... Those words... I never wanted said. But as I promised... On our last kiss. I will wait for you. I'll wait into my twenties... Temptation may come in plenties... But I will stand and wait for you. I'll wait into the night. When the birds stop their flight... All for you. Yes, I'll wait for you. You may find another... You may just think of me as a "brother"... But I will wait for you. The days will go by. Months. Years. And I will sit in that chair. And wish you were there. As the age takes it's toll. You take your grandchildren for a stroll. But, I'll still wait for you. Out in the field... I turn to dust. Blowing on the wind... I'll search the skies and fly real high... Trying to find you... Out on wind... I still call... The dust I've become. Searches for you... Your dust blows as well... We will meet and mix happily... Your dust and mine. So until that moment comes. When I become the dust in the wind, because you never came... Smile... Smile all you can... And I will do the same...

(So random DX The rhyme scheme is just terrible... But, it came from my heart..... I'm no poet, but.... I try...)

Kratos vs Yuan?!

You know Kratos just PWNS all
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I Will Wait... :: Comments

Re: I Will Wait...
Post on Fri Oct 09, 2009 10:38 pm by Starz
Beautiful Kinoue... Very beautiful...

I Will Wait...

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